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The Roll of Honour

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Montague Vaughan Case

Montague Vaughan Case, child of late William Benjamin and Sarah Marion Elizabeth Case.  Lived at Hill Street, in Poole.   Fought in WW1 (dogtag# 51561) as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers XVI Corps Signals.  Died on Nov 18 1918.  Buried at 841 Mikra British Cemetery in Kalamaria in Greece.  

Dogtag: 51561
Rank: Sapper - see more from this Rank >>
Division: Royal Engineers XVI Corps Signals
Child Of: late William Benjamin and Sarah Marion Elizabeth Case
Address: Hill Street - see more from this Address >>
Town: Poole - see more from this Town >>
Date of Death: 1918-11-18
War: WW1 - see more from this War >>
Grave Address: 841 Mikra British Cemetery
Grave Town: Kalamaria - see more from this Grave Town >>
Grave Country: Greece - see more from this Grave Country >>

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