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Why should we honour those that die upon the field of battle? A man may show as reckless a courage in entering into the abyss of himself.

William Butler Yeats
The Roll of Honour

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H. E. Van Goethem (1894-1917)

H. E. Van Goethem, child of Lucy Beatrice van Goethem and the late Edouard V. van Goethem was born in 1894.  Lived at Tregarthen Parkstone, in Poole.   Fought in WW1 as a Captain in the Royal Flying Corps.  Died on Jul 11 1917 at the age of 23.  Buried at Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery (QQ 26). in Poole in Dorset.  

Rank: Captain - see more from this Rank >>
Division: Royal Flying Corps
Child Of: Lucy Beatrice van Goethem and the late Edouard V. van Goethem
Address: Tregarthen Parkstone
Town: Poole - see more from this Town >>
Date of Death: 1917-07-11 - see more from this Date of Death >>
Age: 23 - see more from this Age >>
War: WW1 - see more from this War >>
Grave Address: Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery (QQ 26).
Grave Town: Poole - see more from this Grave Town >>
Grave Country: Dorset - see more from this Grave Country >>
General Information: Click here for more information >>

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