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The Roll of Honour

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Robert Wallace Packer (1880-1918)

Robert Wallace Packer, child of George and Sarah Packer was born in 1880.  Married Rose Packer andLived at 44 Seaview Road , in Poole.   Fought in the war (dogtag# 89351) as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers 144th Army Troops Coy.  Died on Mar 30 1918 at the age of 38 in France.  A memorial for Robert Wallace Packer can be found at Bay 1 Arras Memorial in France.  Their name features in the in United Kingdom.  

Dogtag: 89351
Rank: Sapper - see more from this Rank >>
Division: Royal Engineers 144th Army Troops Coy
Child Of: George and Sarah Packer
Married to: Rose Packer
Address: 44 Seaview Road
Town: Poole - see more from this Town >>
Date of Death: 1918-03-30
Age: 38 - see more from this Age >>
Country of Death: France - see more from this Country of Death >>
Memorial: Bay 1 Arras Memorial
Memorial Country: France - see more from this Memorial Country >>
ROH Country: United Kingdom - see more from this ROH Country >>

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